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Dr. Charles W. Rankin, President of the Fundamentalist College in Shanghai, China, calls attention in a recently published booklet to the grievous doctrine of the leading Dispensationalists concerning the Law of God which He gave the Israelites at Mount Sinai. Dr. Rankin cites several notes on Exodus 19:3 in the popular “Reference Bible,” referred to above, which state that:

“the law was not imposed until it had been proposed and voluntarily accepted”;

Also the note on Gen. 12:-

“The dispensation of Promise ended when Israel rashly accepted the law (Ex. 19:8).”

And Dr. Rankin comments as follows:

“In other words, God did not intend the Mosaic Law to be accepted by the Jews, the Jews ‘rashly’ accepted it, – did something God did not want them to do. Therefore God did not intend the Mosaic Law to be a part of the Bible. He merely proposed it to the Jews, of course not desiring them to do a rash ting and accept it, and so it was the Jews who put it into the Bible by their ‘rash’ action. It was not even put into the Bible by human wisdom, as avowed Modernists teach, but was put in by man’s will when acting rashly. Therefore having thus by man’s ‘rash’ action of course improperly come into the Bible, the Mosaic Law cannot truly be a part of the Bible. Accordingly, put it out. This is the logic of the teaching of these Premillennialist leaders. And there can be no escape from this logical destruction of the Pentateuch under their teaching. To the extent of striking at the authority of the Mosaic Law, no Modernism could be worse.

“Moreover it is the most aggravated impiety and irreverence to teach that God having proposed to men a covenant, a Law, that they could act ‘rashly’ in giving heed to His proposition and accepting it.

“God had just led the Jews out of Egypt by the strength of His mighty arm. They were not in a position from any standpoint to make law for themselves, and moreover, the Mosaic Law was not only the necessary State law for the Jewish nation which God Himself was to govern, but it was a revelation from God of Himself, of His moral law, and of His plans for both Jew and Gentile. It contains the prophecies of the coming Messiah, the Ten Commandments, the Levitical System typifying the Atonement of Christ. The Mosaic Code is the foundation for the entire Bible.

“And God led the Jews to Sinai to receive His Law. Under most sublime and awe-inspiring conditions was Moses called up into the mount to receive it for them. And he was commanded to teach it to them (Ex. 24:12). Moreover, it was the duty of the Jews to receive it (Deut. 4:13-14). The Mosaic Law was God’s commands, – was His Law. And had the Jews failed willingly to accept it, they would simply have been in rebellion.”

Beyond all question, when God offered to the children of Israel the covenant of Sinai, it was with the intention that they should accept it and faithfully observe it; and beyond all question, the law He gave them at the beginning of their history as a nation has been an unspeakable blessing to them, with incidental benefits to other nations.

Philip Mauro

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